Saturday, August 29, 2015


If you're a big fan of debate and the open exchange of ideas, well, you're gonna love the Democrats: "Wasserman Schultz blocked Iran resolution at DNC meeting."

This would be the same meeting where non-Hillary Clinton candidates complained that the DNC debate rules were designed to facilitate the Hillary coronation.

Because let's get this over with.

Extra - From Hot Air.


Anonymous said...

Bit of a disconnect here. Wasserman Schultz blocked a resolution SUPPORTING President Obama and the Iran deal, which by all accounts would have won a sweeping majority had it been put to a vote. The agreement already has Hillary Clinton's public endorsement.

That suck-up Wasserman is carrying water for Hillary's coronation, but the devious Schultz is trying to sabotage her.

Eric said...

Well, I guess what I'm saying is that this was an opportunity for the Democrats to stand up and be counted. They decided it's better to NOT be on the record.

Anonymous said...

No, they didn't. The Democrats went on record after Debbie Wasserman Schultz blocked the resolution. DNC co-chair James Zogby says what happened next, in your linked article: “We wanted to show support for the president. We found that the best way to show support was a letter that members would sign on to, and the overwhelming majority of DNC members signed onto the letter."

Wasserman Schultz's voting district has the fifth highest Jewish population of all the districts in the House of Representatives, and they're disproportionately old retired Jews. Are there any further clues needed, or can we turn this baffling mystery over for Scooby and the gang to solve?

Eric said...

No, I see now. Poor Debbie Downer.