Saturday, August 08, 2015

Free speech Seattle

The Hill: "Protesters shut down Bernie Sanders rally."  "Protesters who claimed affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the stage during a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Seattle on Saturday, taking over the microphone and forcing Sanders to leave without ever speaking."

The people there to listen to Sanders seemed paralyzed to stop three protesters, for fear of being accused of racism.

Extra - Maggie's Farm: "Good grief."  The video is something to behold.


Anonymous said...

We seem to be entering an era where reality is forcing liberals to face the consequences of the rules they established for everyone else.

Please refill my popcorn container.

Roger Bournival said...

Bernie Sanders - making Obama look like Chuck Norris!

Anonymous said...

Just three protesters? Who do they think they are... the nationwide coalition of "Constitution Truckers" who vowed to shut down the Washington D.C. Beltway in 2013?

siacd999 said...

They're currently trying to denounce the Seattle BLM protestors as either Republican plants or Hillary plants. Supposedly one of the protestors used to be a Sarah Palin fan.
Meanwhile, protestors are shooting protestors at the peaceful Michael Brown protests in Ferguson. I guess not all people got the message that Black Lives Matter.

Anonymous said...

They're currently trying to denounce the Seattle BLM protestors as either Republican plants or Hillary plants. Supposedly one of the protestors used to be a Sarah Palin fan.

The Palin supporter describes herself as a "radical Christian" who is "only as rational as the cross." At the event, she shouted at the Sanders crowd for their "white supremacist liberalism." She's part of the doubleplus leftwing conspiracy to undermine herself!

doublenonplussed said...

Yes, selected information about one protester explains everything, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just one lone protester out of the waves and waves of them.

selected information

"What she yelled into the microphone" = "cherrypicked spin."

Flack Lives Matter said...

Here's how the group "The Palin supporter" belongs to refers to Sarah's party - "the terminally racist Republican Party".

But I cherry pick.

Anonymous said...

Shhhh! If this very serious and effective woman speaks out against both liberals AND conservatives, then her role in the delicious premise of "the Democratic Party beginning to devour itself" falls apart.

Get with the program. This protestor needs to personify the forefront of an onrushing tsunami of widely shared opposition. Otherwise, we might falsely label her as some kind of crank.

Flack Lives Matter said...

...Aaaaaannd we've once again reached the point in a thread where you switch to a flurry of desperate nonsense to distract from your inability to come up with a substantive response. I've said before that when you throw in the towel on a comment thread, it's always good for a laugh.

Let's see...up next, as always, will be the "I'm being trolled" complaint, amiright?

Anonymous said...

The man who thinks regularly calling "you're flailing!" and "LOL!" automatically results in "yet another victory"... that man objects to his rhetorical penchants being pointed out once too often for his taste?

Even better, there's wide, readily available agreement on what constitutes trolling, and nothing you've posted in this particular thread qualifies. You must think the word means "I hate you, because you stink." It doesn't.

Flack Hives Splatter said...

Never change, Don Quixote.

Hack Jive Patter said...

Blow me, windmill.

...Aaaaaaand speaking of repetition, you've tried that attempted insult before. Not only are you rehashing corny material, but the analogy is still misdirected. As mentioned, Don Quixote was one of yours: a delusional conservative ideologue who didn't believe in wind power.

In Nevada, Jeb Bush rally interrupted by Black Lives Matter demonstrators

Please re-refill my popcorn container.