Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stand back, I'm a journalist

Federalist: "Why The Media’s Fact Problems Are Way Bigger Than Rolling Stone."

While we're on the topic: the cheerleaders on the Left and in the media (but I repeat myself) are starting to notice some trouble with Obamacare:
Everything we on the right said about ♡bamaCare!!! has come to pass, and yet the Wankblog goes right on as before as each new “revelation” (predicted by the right well in advance) comes true.
Heads should roll, but instead “explanatory journalism” will go on.
But Ezra told me it was all going so swimmingly.

Extra - The media's darling:
One of the most disgusting details is how the media is praising Elizabeth Warren for attempting to shut down the government. As George Will put it on Bret Baier: When Republicans flirted with a shutdown, they were depicted as hostage-takers and suicide bombers; when ultra-liberal Elizabeth Warren does it, she's hailed as the second coming of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.


Anonymous said...

Everything we on the right said about ♡bamaCare!!! has come to pass, and yet the Wankblog goes right on as before

The lack of self-awareness, it burns.

Eric said...

Let's ride this rocket ship of success!

"Few American voters feel their family is better off under ObamaCare, and a record number would repeal the law if they could."


David Lean said...

That is a blockbuster result, up a whole 2% from three years ago in the same poll.

There's a reason other pollsters don't pose the Obamacare question in binary form, then
prompt respondents who reject both options with [this is a direct quote] “Well, which way would you lean?” and then combine the two different types of responses into a single total.

It’s the same reason why other pollsters’ results indicate the opposite. (Examples: WashPost/ABC 57-39% in favor of keeping the ACA; Kaiser 64-33% in favor of keeping and improving.)

Eric said...

The rallying cry of the Obamacare apologist: "Things are only slightly worse than our revised predictions said they were gonna be."

Where's my $2500?

Anonymous said...

We're just stalling until one of those death panels bumps you off, and we get to keep your $2500.

Eric said...

That's actually pretty funny.