Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton is Martha Coakley

This thought came to me reading Legal Insurrection: "Hillary will crumble if Elizabeth Warren just says yes."

I've always felt that Hillary's support is a mile wide and an inch deep.  The effort to recruit the Left's Barry Goldwater is an acknowledgement that Democrats just aren't that into Hillary.  Are Democrats really going to nominate a first-term Senator from academia who has no experience running a lemonade stand?

Oh, right.  That guy.

Update - I just realized I should explain: Martha Coakley is the Attorney General in deep-blue Massachusetts but she lost a Senate bid to Scott Brown then a governor's race to Charlie Baker.  Why?  As I explained over at Althouse, Coakley just can't connect with voters.  And that's Hillary.


One Little Indian said...

Apparently Squaw Warren thinks she can get elected to the presidency.

My question to her is, "How?" (Get it?)

Anonymous said...

She'll have Hillary's scalp before she's done, but it will take more than just symbolically TPing her house(s).

The campaign trail of tears said...

Who wrote that Legal Insurrection piece? Was it the great Native American conservative analyst Grasps at Straws?

Anonymous said...

Although I'd love to see Warren as the candidate, I'm afraid high cheekbones can only get you so far. Hillary will have much more wampum.

siacd999 said...

Apparently Obama's election machine wants Warren to run. Which is fine. Warren looks like a wonderfully progressive candidate, so the Obama Election Machine can pretty much use the same playbook from 2008. Afterwards, they can show Warren the same video Obama and Bill Hicks saw. Then, eight years later, liberals and progressives can wonder again how a wonderfully progressive candidate went so corporatist wrong.