Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Elizabeth Warren's victimology

You're always a loser with Fauxcohontas: "Elizabeth Warren goes full Orwell."  If you're denied a home loan: victim.  If you can't pay back that loan that you shouldn't have gotten: victim.
This is an argument we can’t win with the left. If the sub prime loans are not made, then we are denying mortgages to low income families (Never mind that the interest rate is higher because of the increased risk to the lending institution). Since they were made, the left argues that they were predatory. And if you suggest that the interest rates should be higher to higher risk borrowers, now you are being discriminatory.
I can't believe this dim bulb is a national figure.  Every speech she gives is to absolve her audience of any kind of personal responsibility and instead insist you're being "hammered" by invisible forces.  Some of these oppressors even gave you a home loan!  Bastards.


They Warren listening said...

It's not Squaw Warren's fault if the principles of righteousness condemn Republicans no matter what they do. Her job is just to explain it.

siacd999 said...

Alas, there's no Native Americans/First Nations peoples complaining about their victimhood. "First the white man comes and steals our land, then the white liberals come to steal our ancestry." The New Agers/Pagans called white folks who pretended to Native American spirituality "plastic shamans". There needs to be some kind of term for white people claiming ancestry they don't have for the purposes of appearing to be diverse.