Sunday, August 10, 2014

Race track tragedy

This is just an awful story but a young dirt track driver was killed by three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart in a race last night.  Kevin Ward Jr. climbed out of his car to confront Stewart who hit Ward while the field was under caution.

This happens every once in a while in NASCAR where a (wrecked) driver will walk right in front of another driver who done-him-wrong.  In fact, here's an angry Tony Stewart back in 2012 throwing his helmet at Matt Kenseth:

Almost certainly, NASCAR will make a rule change that drivers cannot get out of their cars on the track until they get permission from safety crews (unless, of course, there's a fire or some other safety concern.)  This is not to exonerate Stewart's actions - nobody's quite sure what happened yet - but when tons of metal are on the move, it's probably best to stay out of the way.

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