Friday, August 29, 2014

Checking that box

In case you missed it, and good for you, Obama said some stuff: "Obama Enters Briefing Room to Say Absolutely Nothing."  Well, he did manage to communicate to our enemies that "we don't have a strategy" so they must be relieved.

This is all bad theater, a desultory drive-by for the press to mouth some words before getting back to his regular job: "After Grueling Golf Vacation, Obama Finally Getting Back to Fundraising."


George W. Brush said...

Obama's vacation total on August 30 of his sixth year: 139 days

Bush's vacation total on the same date: 407 days

The heartfelt outrage, it shines like a beacon of sincerity.

I have no strategy but to vacation said...

Way to try to distract from the point of the post and the linked articles, Debbie.

At least you do have a strategy.

Embarrassing said...

139 > 407. That one belongs in the Ryan budget.

Eric said...

Yup, 407 days vacation in the pleasure spot of Crawford Texas.

You'd think with all of Obama's working, he'd be able to produce a budget or a foreign policy.

Embarrassing said...

And yet, despite the luxury and lack of dry sagebrush, Obama has produced neither a MasterCard war, nor that genius mid-2000s foreign policy. Now watch this drive.

Eric said...

We're shocked and saddened by the beheading of James Foley by the JV team of ISIS.

Now watch this drive.

Embarrassing said...

George W. Bush headlined a fundraiser in 2002 after the Daniel Pearl beheading video was released.

He made a 30-second, one-paragraph condemnation of the Madrid train bombings, "standing by" Spain before heading off to a fundraiser. That was a week after Bush went to a different fundraiser on the heels of the then-deadliest terrorist bombings of the Iraq War.

On the same day that eight soldiers were killed in Baghdad? Another fundraiser. The day North Korea detonated its first nuke? Perfunctory "grave threat" statement from Bush, followed by fundraiser.

Bush flew out of town on August 4, 2001 for a month-long “golf vacation,” the longest in presidential history. That break was interrupted by two more fundraisers, and an ignored August 6 memo with a provocative title.

You say the difference is that, unlike Obama, Bush was always on the clock at drab, unenjoyable Crawford, TX. (He spent almost a year and a half of his term there; imagine how often it would have been if he’d liked it.)

In 2004, Condi Rice was obliged to testfy about the particulars of Bush’s August 2001 performance. This website’s response? Rice’s ordeal was a “charade” of “gamesmanship,” conducted by “scumbags” and “complete tools,” to promote “partisan” “gotcha-ism.”

Today, of course, Barack Obama golfs while men are beheaded. As Lionel Hutz might have said, a double standard is a KIND of standard...

Eric said...

Don't forget about the death of Chris Stevens in Benghazi, the first ambassador killed by foreigners since the Carter Administration.

To this day, nobody knows Obama's whereabouts while he was prepping for his trip to glamorous Las Vegas for a fundraiser. At least the CoC deigned to add a couple of lines to his boilerplate speech.

Like a beacon of sincerity said...

Q: “Why are you so outraged now, when you were previously an unoffended apologist for identical behavior?”

A: “Oh yeah? Benghazi!”

Eric said...

"Maybe we shouldn't have criticized Bush for his 24 rounds of golf."

-David Axelrod

Like a beacon of sincerity said...

If you're proud to have the same honesty and consistency as David Axelrod, then congratulations.