Saturday, March 09, 2013

There is no budget.  There is only the counter-budget. - Hot Air: "Obama's budget won't drop until April 8th."

So Jack Lew drew a line through the White House tours and then everybody stared at each other, unable to think of another thing to pare back in the budget.  Then they said: "screw it, we'll just wait for Ryan's."  It's called leadership, people.

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Anonymous said...

Obama could unilaterally issue a budget if he wanted to, but refuses to do so because of his simultaneous deviousness and ineptitude. (Quite a balancing act!) So why doesn't Congress just write a better budget and pass it over Obama's objection? Since, you know, that's how these things work.

For instance, Paul Ryan's budget! It totally adds up, under the "not counting any stuff we don't like" loophole. And after all, Ryan wouldn't have worked this hard just to produce a pre-failed piece of phony math designed to create talking points. That would be implausible. The man is a representative! So cram his budget down Obama's throat, and show that do-nothing what effective, credible, adult leadership is all about!