Thursday, March 07, 2013

President seeks lunch with noted Grandma-tripper and "social Darwinist"

Hot Air: "Obama to Ryan: let's do lunch".  Why the sudden interest in breaking bread with the House Budget Chair Paul Ryan?  Politico thinks it's because Obama is afraid that "regular order" in Congress will cut him out of the budget process:
By speaking directly with Ryan, Obama is hoping to enlist a powerful ally in convincing leadership to abandon its insistence on subjecting all future measures on the debt, deficit, taxes and entitlement reform to "regular order," the tortuous committee process dominated by party conservatives, according to a person close to the process.
So to recap: Mr. "We can't go from crisis to crisis" is a month late with his own budget and is trying to enlist support from moderate Republicans to do an end-run around the GOP leadership and undermine the regular legislative process.  In a couple days, Paul Ryan will release the House budget and - miracle of miracles - the Senate will have their own budget since 2009.  If history is any guide, Obama will then do his "I tried to reach out!" schtick before falling back to his default state of class warfare and retail populism.

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