Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's for your own good, fatties - Hit & Run: "Bloomberg: I meddle because I care."


Anonymous said...

When we were kids we had a smoking area in my high school. It was awesome. Then the nanny state came in and lectured us about 'second-hand smoke', 'harm to our lungs' and 'cancer risks'.

Well, I don't have cancer, and my emphysema treatments are covered by my Medicaid. Big government sucks.

siacd999 said...

Maybe next Bloomberg can make sure we all do thirty minutes of erexcise when we wake up in the morning. He can mandate that our televisions will always be on, and via webcam in the TV someone can monitor us to make sure we're actually getting up and excersiing.
Come on, say it with me now (before you're reported): I love Big Bloomberg/Government/Brother!