Monday, March 04, 2013

C'mon lucky seven!  Massy needs a new source of revenue - I suppose the libertarian in me should say "if people want to gamble, let 'em gamble."  I just don't want it going on a couple miles from my house.  But Massachusetts is seeking new taxes for all sorts of goodies, and the nickel slots and potato salad buffets are coming to a Western Massachusetts town somewhere.

Frankly, I don't think nearby Palmer has the infrastructure to handle the traffic of a new casino.  There would have to some serious road work.  Springfield seems better equipped with a major downtown bus station to bring Granny into town to blow her Social Security check.

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Bram said...

MA taxed most manufacturing jobs out of the state - high-tech jobs have been moving south for decades. So they'll replace it with gambling?

My only problem is that unlike farming, manufacturing, or technology - gambling adds absolutely no value to the economy.