Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The President makes a lot of sense

No, not that one:
Bill Clinton said Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s goal of hiking taxes on the rich alone is not enough to solve the country’s fiscal woes and suggested that middle class Americans must also eventually contribute more.
Meanwhile, Obama was continuing his "Steel Magnolias" tour by taking to "The View" to suggest that the country could close our trillion-dollar deficits if - gosh darn it - we could pass that Buffett rule.  Also, America might be racist if he doesn't win re-election.


Ron Obvious said...

Put your money where your mouth is, buddy.

The tax code allows for you to voluntarily pay more, but I bet you won't.

You liberals are all alike.

B.S. Gumby said...

Yeah! Follow the lead of all those chickenhawk warriors who left their keyboards and cable news stools to volunteer for Afghanistan!