Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inexplicably, another law school identifies Elizabeth Warren as Cherokee faculty

The Boston Globe reports that while at the University of Pennsylvania, Fauxcahontas was identified as minority professor.  Why do these mistakes keep happening?
The reference offers another piece of evidence that Warren was identified as a Native American as part of her professional career. Warren has said she was unaware that Harvard University, her current employer, had described her as a Native American when it was under fire for a lack of diversity on its law school faculty.
Bryan Preston quips: "Once could be a mistake.  Twice, that's a career strategy."

It's funny when people try to gain an advantage with Native American heritage:
Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) learn that all of Lily's friends have been put in preschool causing the couple to panic. Mitchell calls Claire to see if Wagon Wheel is a good school and asks her if she can get them an appointment. At Wagon Wheel the assistant tells them with their diversity (Mitchell and Cameron being gay and Lily being Asian) they can get into any preschool. Mitchell starts calling Cameron his life partner to seem even more diverse to make it in Billingsley, the expensive school nicknamed "the Harvard of preschools." They soon become beaten at their own game by an interracial, disabled lesbian couple with an adopted African American child. Cameron pretends to be one sixteenth cherokee to seem more diverse in their interview. They eventually decide to go to Wagon Wheel after bombing the interview.
Oh Cam, that's so hilariously underhanded.  You should be a Senator.

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dfwmtx said...

Didn't a study once show that affirmative action benefitted white women more than all the various minorities of both sexes?