Thursday, May 03, 2012

Obama 2012: "Look at all the stuff I gave you with the money I borrowed from China"

Hot Air reviews the life and times of "Julia" who enjoyed the benefits of the federal government while the national debt climbed to over $20 trillion.  Curiously, the Obama narrative leaves out this salient point and the less-than-hypothetical scenario where China stops borrowing U.S. Treasuries or - worse - asks for their money back.

It seems that hypothetical "Julia" will enjoy the benefits of Social Security when she retires, despite the statements by those liars at the Social Security Administration.  David Harsanyi nails this one:
If you think Social Security benefits allow you to live your retirement without worry, you deserve Barack Obama.
Keep living the dream, America.

Extra - IBD: "Obama promises women a lifetime of dependence."

More - From Powerline: "In this election, the lines couldn’t be more clearly drawn. The Democrats are the party of free stuff. Well, not actually free of course, but taxed away from someone who earned it or borrowed from our children."

And this - The Memeorandum wrap-up.

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