Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The cult of personality - Here's WashPost blogger Ed Rogers "Time for Democrats to decide: is Obama an idol or a President?"  "Many on the left have lost any insight into their own bias; nothing Obama says is over the top, and nothing he has done lacks significance or inspiration. Likewise, nothing Romney says or has done amounts to much. By forcing a halo upon Obama, suggesting dark hearts among any who don't see it and follow, and ignoring the virtues of a decent man like Romney, does not serve the president well. It stirs resentment among voters who chafe at being told to love him or else."  I'm looking at you, Nobel Peace Prize committee.

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Dean Esmay said...

The funny part is a whole lot of the President's base is disenchanted with him, and he's working really really hard to shore up his support there. It's kinda funny that for all the words spilled on how hard Romney's working to woo conservative voters and make them enthusiastic, comparatively little is noted on just how hard the Prez is working to get his base worked up over things like gay marriage and the "Julia" business.