Sunday, October 09, 2011

Now the fallout - The U.S. Senate normally operates on "unanimous consent" in that 100 Senators will generally agree to dispense with procedural matters like reading bills on the floor.  According to Hot Air, that brittle comity has been shattered because of Harry Reid's "nuclear option" suppression of minority rights.


Anonymous said...

Our golden age of bipartisan cooperation is now in peril.

Brian G. said...

C'mon. When Dems do it, they are protecting the sanctity of the Constitution. When Republicans do it, they are shredding the Constitution in order to harm women, children, minorities, blue collar workers, and gays in the name of Halliburton, Wall Street, Big Oil, and Wal-Mart. Man, you are never going to write for the New York Times if you keep this up.