Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Math is hard, Harry Reid version - Powerline crunches the numbers and finds that the Senate Democrats' new millionaires surtax will carve a whopping 3% off the annual deficit.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, the deficit would still exist... so why bother? Although math is hard, why can't Reid understand that 3 = 0?

Can't we have thoughtful solutions for serious problems, and just defund Planned Parenthood a couple of million times instead?

Related to both areas: remember when they sent Laura Bush out to sell the administration's stem cell research cuts? Because the science was "very preliminary," and the medical benefits would be years away?

Eric said...

Wow, I don't know how this got all turned around. I think the point is that when the government is borrowing $4 billion a day, even a 100% confiscation of the "rich" money won't cover the bill.

If we could pass it through Congress, which we can't.