Monday, October 17, 2011

Keep talkin', chump - CNN "Record high say Obama's policies will fail": "President Barack Obama's job approval rating is holding steady, but a record high six out of ten Americans think his policies will fail, according to a new national survey."  Even so, Obama is back on the taxpayer-supported campaign trail to implore Americans to pass legislation they think won't work.  Like it didn't work before.  After Obama's incessant calls to "write, phone, and tweet" Congress, few are listening anymore.


Time machine said...

In the spring of 2005, this very blog stated that there was still a chance for Bush to turn things around on his Social Security push, by doubling down on making speeches and reframing the debate. And that even if Bush lost, the Republicans would ultimately be rewarded for taking on the issue. And that although no specific legislation was actually being proposed by Bush, that was perfectly okay, because everybody pretty much had a general sense of what the plan could ultimately include. And that the Democrats were so controlled by special interests, they couldn't formulate a concrete counterposition on that subject or any other, because their only agenda was to damage the President. And that Bush had been thwarted in his goals only because of the Democrats' deliberate strategic decision to be more and more obstructionist. Ah, 2005!

Eric said...

I said that? That more speeches would turn things around? Well, I was wrong.

But since we're on Social Security (again) I see that Obama's latest plan is to bleed the SS Trust Fund dry with the payroll tax cut, so it will run out of money even sooner. The Republicans will not step in to raise this tax so now we're in the final endgame: the SS Trust Fund will be exhausted around 2030, benefits will be cut 25% automatically (by law) and a whole generation of Americans will realize they've been duped by this Ponzi scheme.

Maybe another President could have saved Social Security (and Medicare) but Obama isn't it.

Time machine said...

You're certainly not one of the political internet's typical tone-deaf goons. And obviously there are many differences between having trouble pushing a vague jobs bill, and having trouble pushing Social Security privatization.

But those differences aren't substantive enough that George W. Bush was providing America with "courageous" leadership in '05, while Barack Obama is a "talkin' chump" mooching off the taxpayers' dime. Those characterizations reflect on the observer.

Just a small thing for thinking people to think about.