Friday, October 14, 2011

Man, you're like school in summer

Power Line: "No Class": "Today HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that what we wrote here is true: the CLASS Act, a long-term care program that was part of Obamacare, cannot be implemented in a manner that is actuarially sound. Therefore, the administration is killing the program."  It's almost like somebody should have read the bill before Congress passed it.


Brian G. said...


I have come to prefer this version of Fat Albert.

Anonymous said...

Something anyone who read the bill would see: that implementation of the CLASS program was always contingent upon certification from Sebelius' office. It was an added feature that, legally, could only go into effect if the program could be made workable. It couldn't, and it's gone. Therefore, its elimination is a checkmark for the health care law's effectiveness.

The non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which supports the bulk of the health care law, issued a statement which included:
"Today’s report has no bearing on the ACA’s health coverage expansions and other core provisions. The provisions that expand health coverage are completely distinct and separate from CLASS."

Roger Bournival said...

The non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,

If you have to include that laughable 'non-partisan' qualifier, that's all I need to know you're full of shit...

Bram said...

You can thank Judd Gregg for forcing actuarial honesty into this part of the bill.

Anonymous said...

Too often lately, "That's all I need to know" is the mating call of the conservative.

The CBPP has been called "non-partisan" by sources ranging from DailyKos to USA Today to Fox News. But you're clearly too sharp for them. They all conspired to trick you... BUT FAILED!

Roger Bournival said...

Anon - do I really need to provide yet another beatdown on ignorant comments? Let me help your worthless ass out:

The Center runs an outreach campaign that — working with thousands of organizations across the country, including community groups, businesses, unions, and government agencies — helps eligible families apply for the EITC and the Child Tax Credit.

In other words, the usual suspects.

But, wait! There's more!

In 2007, the Center began to examine the impact of climate change policies

Question - is this a liberal position or a conservative position?

In 1993, the Center helped to create the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative (SFAI), a growing network of independent, state-level think tanks that examine state budget and tax policies and their effect on low- and moderate-income households.

Is this meant to examine the impact of government budgets on the overall economy or on certain select subsets of said economy?

The Center is supported by a number of foundations, including the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, as well as individual donors.

How many of these foundations can be accurately be describd as neutral rather than liberal / left leaning?

But wait - yet, still more!

According to New York Times reporter Matt Bai, CBPP is funded by the Democracy Alliance. According to Bai's account, representatives of CBPP attended a May 2006 meeting of the Democracy Alliance to "talk about the agendas they were busy crafting that would catapult Democratic politics into the economic future."

Criticisms and Response - Two politically conservative groups that oppose the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities's policy positions accuse the group of producing misleading studies.These critics focus on what they consider to be fallacious assumptions and inaccurate projections made by the group's analysts.

Once again, nice try, asshole. Bring it strong, or don't bring it at all...

Anonymous said...

In 2007, the Center began to examine the impact of climate change policies

Question - is this a liberal position or a conservative position?

Hard to say, genius... do you live on liberal Earth, or conservative Earth?

Apparently you live in a world where studying low-income economic policy is a pinko plot but the Heritage Foundation is an unbiased, unimpeachable source. Where "businesses" are another liberal front, and only registered Democrats apply for Earned Income Tax Credits.

Impressive Wikipedia research, though. You really went all-out.

Keep your cranky lectures coming, they're as funny as hell. Watching you ignore Fox News' "non-partisan" billing for the CBPP, while simultaneously grabbing at a quote from the dreaded New York Times, all in the service of rightwing boilerplate? That is an intellectual disconnect worth savoring.