Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seek help, Cindy

I stopped blogging about Cindy Sheehan after hearing this interview on NPR (transcript here). Host Neil Conan had the temerity to ask Sheehan about her son Casey and the conditions whereupon he joined - and re-enlisted - in the Army. In response, Sheehan becomes irritated and curt before cutting off the interview short, leaving an incredulous Conan hanging on the line.

But then Cindy Sheehan's movement was always about Cindy Sheehan:

But no, she's not, not an attention whore, and it's never been all about her. Which is why she uses the personal pronouns "I" and "me" no less than 59 times in her little blog post. Her one 'moment of clarity' seems to exhibit itself in her choice of title for this regurgitation.
Once the media backed away from Sheehan's cuddle sessions with Hugo Chavez and her lengthening list of Leftist causes, there was no use in carrying on. Seek professional help, Cindy, you're free now.

Extra - From Rick Moran: "Mother Sheehan, goddess of peace, ascends to heaven"


Ted Wallace said...

Next stop for Cindy? The View!

Anonymous said...

From The Onion:
"This is a huge blow to the antiwar movement. Where are they supposed to find another mother mourning the death of her child?"