Sunday, May 06, 2007

Amazing Race finale - Hooray, it's over

This might be the first TAR finale that's only an hour long, a merciful coda to this interminable season. We're down to the final three teams: Dustin & Kandace, Eric & Danielle, and Charla & Mirna; I'll just be happy if Mirna loses. Everybody starts out in Guam and connects through Tokyo on the way to Honolulu, Hawaii. Charla & Mirna snag an earlier connection to Hawaii, arriving 40 minutes earlier than the other two teams, who are greatly disturbed by the fact that the Annoying Armenians are not on their flight. Once in Honolulu, it's a dash to the Kanaka Air Hanger where teams sign up for helicopter rides leaving ten minutes apart. So it's practically a forced bunch-up.

The copters arrive at Lanai and teams grab a jeep for a drive to find a man with a ceremonial costume. It's the Detour: Under or Over. Teams may either take a boat to an underwater cave or paddle a surfboard while standing up. Charla & Mirna do the surfboard while Eric & Danielle scuba-dive into the cave; the former finish first and head to Shipwreck Beach and the next clue. Dustin & Kandace are bringing up the rear.

At Shipwreck Beach, teams must walk over some rocks along the beach and tiny Charla can't navigate very quickly causing Mirna to hyperventilate. Teams must take a two-person kayak out to the WWII shipwreck and get the next clue. The waves are particularly strong and everybody has a lot of trouble paddling against the force. Of course, the young Eric & Danielle get the clue first while the two all-female teams struggle. (Not being sexist, it's just true.) The next clue directs teams to the final destination: San Francisco.

There's only one flight to Oakland so all the nonsense thus far this episode means nothing. Once in San Francisco, teams race to the Old Mint in taxis. Interesting twist: one team member must go into the vault and answer opinion questions about other teams (e.g. "who is the least trustworthy") then the other team member must try to match their partner's answers to open a vault. Danielle matches Eric's answers and grabs the next clue: head to the Botanical Gardens.

This task is limited to ten minutes after which teams are just handed the clue. What? No penalty or anything? The Blondies get their clue only a couple of minutes after Eric & Danielle so there's no point to this other than to manufacture a dramatic finish. Mirna shows her taxi driver a map so he can find the Gardens. Danielle is a wreck.

Here they come: it's Eric & Danielle! The Blondies are next and it's a tearful finish for Dustin & Kandace in true beauty queen fashion. Charla & Mirna arrive to scattered applause. C'est fini.

Final results:

#1 - Eric & Danielle - WINNERS of the Amazing Race All-Stars
#2 - Dustin & Kandace
#3 - Charla & Mirna

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Wendy said...

I was really pulling for the Blondes, but I'm all kinds of grateful that Mirna and Chmirna didn't win.

I hope next season is better. The best part of the race is watching the teams get to know each other and figure the other teams out along the way. The All Stars thing didn't allow that to happen.

Pat said...

What is it with me that I always root for the team that everybody else hates?

I had an unavoidable engagement tonight and knew I would not be watching the show until Wednesday because of business travel.

Still no all-women team winners.