Thursday, September 07, 2006

I come to defend Clinton

Yes, you read that right. It’s clear from all the news reports that the ABC show “Path to 9/11” has some glaring inaccuracies about the Clinton administration's actions in the fight against terrorism. Dale on Q&O sums it up nicely in “Fake but accurate isn’t good enough.” We on the conservative end of the spectrum kvetched at Michael Moore’s fabrications, the Dan Rather TANG “memos” and the media’s false accusations thrown at Karl Rove. We should similarly condemn these mistakes and keep the debate based in facts.


Anonymous said...

Defending Clinton is fine and dandy, but when politicians threaten ABC to pull the program or their broadcasting license can be provoked, then something is very much wrong. This is an infringment on free speech. The Republicans didn't make this kind of threat when there were inaccuracies in the mini series, "The Reagans."

Anonymous said...

Surely ABC will be weeping about the awful, heavy-handed Congressional interference at their next deregulated media conglomerate meeting, as they review the profits on the digital channel bands they were awarded for free.