Thursday, September 14, 2006

Senator Splunge is rarin’ to go! – If you want to get a feel for John Kerry’s chances for another run at the Presidency, scroll down to the “pros and cons” listed by three political analysts at the end of this article.

Abridged “pro” – He has a big Rolodex.
Abridged “con” – He’s an awful, unlikable candidate and the Democrats will never nominate him again.

Extra – Tom Maguire adds some thoughts.


JorgXMcKie said...

You know, some people just can't seem to learn. I, for one, would just love to hear Kerry try to defend himself against the Swift Boat Veterans again. I'll bet it would be even funnier than last time. We'd see who got his ass kicked.

Sgt. Strategery said...

Is the right's nostalgia for a winnable election this strong? Already?

It'll be great watching the GOP waste its resources and especially its time re-attacking John Kerry. Kerry has as much chance of getting the 2008 Democratic nomination as Bob Dole has of winning a Jenga tournament. By all means, Republicans, focus your energy in writing angry letters to the editor for publication in last year's newspaper.

fritz said...

The only reason Kerry got the nomination was that the Dean campaign imploded so rapidly that the Democrats had to, in literally the space of a couple of weeks, grab a nominee who could manage to be anti-war enough to satisfy the Dean supporters but not be so anti-war that it would almost come off to some as being anti-American thus rendering him as unelectable Dean. Kerry was the nominee by process of elimination and it is only his vanity that enables him to believe that the last man standing logic of his selection in 2004 will be replicated in 2008.

Eric said...

Is the right's nostalgia for a winnable election this strong? Already?

Well, it has been a long time since 2004.
And 2002.
And 2000.
And...who's reminiscing about Bob Dole?

Anonymous said...

it has been a long time since 2004.

I think that's the GOP's national campaign slogan this year. Followed by weeping.