Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Amazing Race Family Edition update – Neurotic teams are making us two tents

Tonight’s leg is actually a continuation from last week’s show, and it’s been a solid three weeks since a team has been Phil-liminated. In other words, somebody’s gotta go tonight. We’re down to the Final Four: the Linz family, the Bransen family, the Weaver family and the Godlewski family.

The Bransen (Team Powerpuff) and Weaver (Team Florida) teams were last seen accepting clues from Phil at a ranch in Wyoming and tonight they started out (again) for Turtle Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. The Linz (Team Cincinnati) and Godlewskis (Team Scream) follow soon after and we discover that the Ranch doesn’t open until 7am, so all the teams settle into their campers for the night.

[Side note: I fully predicted that there would be a “bunching” moment in this episode to give the Linz family to catch up after their production-related problems last week.]

In the morning, teams all sprint out to some vans parked across a field which then take them to a plateau and the Detour: Pioneer Spirit or Native Tradition. Teams must either put together a wagon and a team of horses, or build an Indian teepee. The Linz and Bransens do the wagon and the other build a tent. Team Cincinnati finishes the wagon very quickly and vaults into first place, with Team Powerpuff close behind. As the Linz family goes by the Weavers, Megan makes the mistake of waving which is construed by Widow Weaver as a taunting gesture. Of course, if the Linz family made no gesture at all, it would have been interpreted as a snub. The Weavers have the martyr complex down cold.

After completing this task, teams head to Cody, Montana to find the bar named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter. Everybody in town knows it’s the Irma and when teams arrive they must dress in period clothing and take a souvenir photo with Buffalo Bill. This is another “stop and do something fun” byway but there’s one bonus: when the Godlewski sisters start getting flirty with the Buffalo Bill character, the hostess at the bar flashes a look of impatience that is just hilarious.

Next teams head for Red Lodge, Montana where they must find the 10th tee of a golf course. This is the Roadblock: two teams must head out onto the back nine and find four colored golf balls that match the flag of the golf cart they choose. The Linz team starts out first but the Bransens pass them and head on to the Pit Stop; following up are the insufferable Weavers and the bickering Godlewskis.

Teams are heading to the Pit Stop at the Green Mountain Lodge, somewhere in Montana. Unfortunately, there’s not much suspense because it looks like teams are going to arrive in the same order they left the golf course. After all, this isn’t like driving from midtown Manhattan to JFK; in Montana, there’s probably only one road to take you to your next destination. Even when the Weaver family gets pulled over for speeding, there’s not much hope the Godlewskis will pass them. In the end, the sisters defeated themselves by failing to work as a team. Team Scream comes in last and are eliminated from the Race.

Final standings:

#1 – Bransen family - Team Powerpuff (and Wally) – Prize: brand-new Buick
#2 – Linz family – Team Cincinnati
#3 – Weaver family – Team Florida
#4 – Godlewski family – Team Scream – PHIL-LIMINATED

Next week: The two-hour finale as the final three teams race for $1 million. If the Weavers win, will they be graceful and gracious in the end, or will they lash out at the other teams? Let’s hope this is a question we’ll never need to know the answer to.

Extra – This space reserved for Kris at Dummocrats and Pat at Brainster. Check out their recaps of this penultimate episode. Kris warns: “If the Weavers somehow manage to fulfill God's plan for them and win, I might not be able to write a recap. I apologize in advance.” I’m with you, soul sister.


Pat said...

I'm rooting for the Weavers. Yeah, they're a flawed bunch, but they're real. There was a wonderful little bit last night where the two Weaver daughters talked about how they liked the buffet at Pizza Hut.

They've overcome incredible obstacles and personal tragedy. When I look back at the show, it seems like a highlight reel of the Weavers. Remember the early episode where they had the problem with the runaway horsecart? Or the trip to Talladega? Or the go-kart ride at Bondurant? Or the two (two!) yields they were forced to sit through?

And if they do win, think of all the prior losers forced to smile and clap as they make the victory jog to the final mat.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty repulsed by the Weavers mocking the guy by the teepee. "He's staring at us!" "He's so cute!" and Rolly's running around the teepee chanting. Nice.

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