Sunday, August 07, 2005

Speaking of the Sunday talk shows - There was a panelist on "The Chris Matthews Show" (somebody from "Vogue"?) who said there was a stealth campaign going on, especially among Southern Democrats, to "stop Hillary." She went on to say that the belief is growing that Hillary Clinton would do worse than Gore or Kerry in a general election because she could never swing some of the more moderate/conservative districts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, for example, over to the Democrats' side.

I only fear Hillary in the sense that she will spend the next year running to the middle, knowing that the nostalgia-driven liberal base will fall in behind a Clinton candidacy during the general election. Then again, the Senate has been a dead-end for Presidential asperations, so Hillary, noted recluse Joe Biden, and Evan Byah will have a tough time. I'm more worried about Democratic governors below the Mason-Dixon line such as Mark Warner of Virginia or Bill Richardson in New Mexico.


Brian said...

You're concerned about Richardson because you live up there. Here in New Mexico, everyone knows what a scumbag he is. He is an invention of the press, nothing more. He will fall apart in a national campaign, just like Kerry.

He may Governor, but I would not be surpried if he didn't win the state in a Presidential election, a la Al Gore.

Robert said...

I got a real kick out of Andrea Mitchell's comment that the right wing base failed to show up in the Ohio special election--then having to correct herself and point out that the Republican still won. Priceless.

reliapundit said...

richardson/bredesen is the ticket.

latino, catholic western governor and a southern baptist governor.

even if bill aint too popular in new mex.