Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ain’t gonna drive your car no more – I know this will be of interest to only a couple of readers, but there’s a NASCAR race tonight in Bristol, TN. Through no fault of his own, Kevin Harvick wrecked his car, headed off for his RV, and basically said he was done. The car was repaired but with Harvick out they put Scott Riggs in to finish the race. Harvick had reportedly changed his clothes and headed off the track.

Harvick was on the bubble whether he would make the Nextel chase and now it looks out of reach. He’s probably heading out to slash Dale Jarrett’s tires or something (Dale started the wreck in a purely retaliatory swerve against the side of Ryan Newman’s car.) He was very unhappy with his crew chief and spotter, too.

Update: Matt Kenseth won the race. Dale Jarrett refused any interviews. That is all.

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