Friday, June 24, 2005

What’d he say? – Why I got a “D” in Introduction to Electrical Engineering: “Unclear on American Campus: What the Foreign Teacher Said


Matthew said...

I got at D- in Basic Circuit Analysis for the very same reason -- still, I was in the top half of the class. Half got Fs.

David Lee Beowulf said...

I chalk it up to... LAZY STUDENTS.

I frikkin' HATE those inarticulate TAs , too! What is up with the schools assigning them to teach? And this has been going on for how many decades??? Like, I had this one TA who was from Scotland and I couldn't understand a thing he said.

Seriously: a rule for success in college when you have a non-English speaking TA is: read the book, do the homework; if you can't figure out the book, buy a Schaum's outline. If you can't find the right Schaum's outline, search the web.

It is your fight to lose, young students...