Thursday, October 14, 2004

Liberals cling to their precious debate polls

A couple of commenters to my posts as well as Andrew Sullivan and any (all?) of the lefty blogs are crowing about the snap-poll results as to who “won” the debate. It was Kerry, you know, who used his time most efficiently and made the appropriate gestures with his well-manicured hands. Oh, dear Gaia, he won!

Fred Barnes, who thought the Bush was firing “On All Cylinders” includes this little tidbit at the end of his article:

Now here's a strange twist on the debate. Bush was the winner in a focus group of uncommitted voters conducted by pollster Frank Luntz last night. The 23 voters thought Kerry, not Bush, won the debate. But they split 17 to 5 in favor of Bush on whom they now plan to vote for (one will vote Libertarian). "They still don't trust what John Kerry is saying," Luntz said, though they thought he said it well.
I see an ocean of Democrats muttering on November 2nd: “It’s just not fair. He won the debates.” Let’s see how the tracking polls look in a couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Debates matter for one reason, for the Democrat base who is not solidly behind Kerry, it gives them a reason to vote for Kerry. The Democrats have a candidate that even their own constituencies dont support. Democrats are against Bush, but very few are "For Kerry".

That being said, Debate scoring comes down to one thing - "what are you talking about the next day?"

No one is talking about Kerrys issues and how they were better than Bush, They are all talking about How well Bush handled himself and how they liked his answers. Kerry walks out of the debate with controversy behind his comment and a news item every 30 minutes about the "LESBIAN" controversy, which is costing him votes with women. I dont care what your politics are, you dont get between a mother and her child, and thats what kerry did it the eyes of many women.

Bush walks out of this debate with a base that is solidly behind him. Bush picks up women on his answer about laura and the honesty in which it was delivered.

The presidency is not like getting into an ivy league school where a combination of SAT scores, legacy vetting and a pile of cash gets you the office. Americans elect an executive for a good many reasons, and Kerry is missing most of those reasons with the average American voter.

Frank Martin