Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush knockout

This wasn’t just a matter of President Bush bouncing back from an awful first debate and a good second debate; he was almost a different person tonight. Bush was animated, optimistic and human. The android formerly known as Kerry was pre-programmed, repetitive (GO TO 10) and flummoxed by the end of the debate.

As I had hoped, President Bush tagged Kerry with his empty Senate record and a history of raising taxes and spending caps. He was put on the defensive by “government-run” health care and the social questions such as gay marriage.

(On that latter point, the Fox correspondent is noting that the focus group watching the debate gave a very negative reaction to Kerry’s mention of Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter; he also noted that the journalists in the press room gave a “low moan” at Kerry’s attempt to intermingle the personal and the political. As the Brits would say, it was “bad form” and as poorly done as his Tony Soprano “joke.”)

If Bush’s fault was that he didn’t adequately stand up for his administration in the first debate, those sentiments were assuaged in the second debate and erased in this one. The Fox commentators (Barnes, Kondracke & Kristol) were effusive and Kristol went so far to say that Bush “slaughtered” Kerry. Wow! It was a good night for Bush, no doubt.

Now I need to surf the blogs! Polipundit, ahoy!


southernconservative said...

my sentiments exactly. if fact, my wife who is very non political stated that bush was the definite winner in the debate.

Walt said...

Bush, Passion & The American PeopleBush spoke with passion and was the clear winner.

4LibertyN2004 said...

This was a Tremendous win for Bush! He was articulate & personable & at just the right times, yes, he was passionate. He did not shy away from calling a liberal what he is! He made Kerry's track record the issue that it should be - while at the same time balancing this with the vision & plans for the future & recounting accomplishments so far. As we say around our house - "It's all good!"

One other thing - Bush showed that he is one of us - one "of the people" - who happend to go into politics to make a difference. While, tonight Kerry showed that he is just another politician trying to POSE as "one of the people". That makes Kerry a poser & Bush the Real Deal!

Anonymous said...

Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Wisconsin, get ready for a big "527" dose of THIS over the next three weeks.

Live by the flipflop, maybe die by the flipflop.

Paddy Casey said...

You all make me laugh.

1. You are quoting FOXNews to prove your point. WHat a joke. FOX is THE most biased news org in the biz. DO you think they would suddenly change their editorial view and start pumping up Kerry?

2. EVERY poll has Kerry well ahead, or slightly ahead of Bush in viewers impression of the debate. The closest poll is ABC, 42 K to 41 B, with a larger portion of the poll takers being Republican.

It's time for a reality check folks.
Kerry won the debate, in that, he appealed to undecided. Ofcourse Bush won the debate amongst decided Republicans. But, in a tight race you have to appeal to undecideds. And if you can't see that Kerry, in a objective view, came across the stronger candidate in this debate, you are fooling yourself.

take care,


Brian said...

I did not think that Bush was on his game. He seemed to think the debate was a joke. I personally want a president who senses the gravity of the situation, both domestically and internationally. Bush does not seem to be in touch with the economic issues in America. Other nations (read China, India) are rapidly closing the technology gap that has propelled our economic success. And worse, Bush is clearly not in touch with international reality. By invading Iraq we've increased Bin Laden's recruiting strength many-fold, and at the same time alienated nearly the entire world. Please look at the article linked to by this post for an example of what some countries in the world think.