Saturday, May 29, 2004

My prayers have come true

Matt Margolis on Blogs for Bush discusses an article in the UK Telegraph titled “Democrats call in Clinton to rescue Kerry’s campaign.” The general notion is that Kerry is such a stiff that he needs Master Clinton to show him the Common Touch:

"There has been talk about the danger of Bill Clinton overshadowing John," said a senior Democrat last week, "but the decision has been taken to accept him as being centre stage and hope that some of the magic rubs off".
This works for the Republicans on so many levels. It will alienate the Southern and Midwestern religious wing. Kerry will be completely smothered by Clinton, who will be releasing his spotlight-grabbing autobiography this summer. But worst of all for Senator Splunge, nostalgia for Clinton will be so September 10th at a time when national security is the foremost issue for many Americans.


David Lee Beowulf said...

I think it's a smart move. Gore distanced himself from Clinton and it cost him the election (perhaps...). The more people associate Kerry with Clinton (as opposed to Kerry with Gore), it's only to the betterment of Kerry.

Viking Power!

Eric said...

I disagree. Clinton may energize the Dem base, but it makes Kerry and the whole party look like they're nostalgic for the past instead of preparing for the future.