Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Flip-flop du jour

Today's humorous headline: "Kerry chides Bush over record high gas prices"

I can only assume that Senator Splunge was criticizing Bush because gas prices aren't nearly high enough:

DEMOCRATIC presidential candidate John Kerry is stepping gingerly away from a proposal he floated several years ago to raise the federal gasoline tax by 50 cents. With average prices at the pump spiking at $1.73 per gallon and President Bush mocking the idea at campaign rallies, Kerry has been quick to note that he never voted for any such tax and upon reflection thinks it is a bad idea.
Yes, yes, it's a terrible idea during an election year! Splunge!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... It is actually even 'worse.' Kerry's Comments about Oregonian families paying an extra $1,008 is complete sophistry. If you assume the average Orgonian drives 12,000mi a year and gets on average 25m.p.g then their total comsumption for a year is 480 gallons... at $2.25 a gallon that is $1080 a year, which agrees nicely with the Kerry figure EXCEPT IT ISNT EXTRA. What, was the gasoline free before? Even if the price of gas had doubled from $1.12 to $2.25 this is only a difference of $540 a year, or about a buck fifty a day. Why does our enlightened,ostensibly college-educated media never challenge lousy statistics & math from either side of the aisle... Oh wait, I knew journalist majors in college, do they even have to take math?

Anonymous said...

We do take math--but if we were any good at it, we wouldn't be journalists; we'd be engineers. :)

Pat said...

The only thing he said that makes some sense is that we should stop filling the petroleum reserve; the rest of the comments are typical chowderhead Kerry.

The 50-cent a gallon tax has been a holy grail of the left every since John Anderson ran a campaign in 1980 on little else.

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