Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Some airplanes did something

PJ Media: "NYT: 'Airplanes Took Aim' on 9/11."
I'll never understand the mindset. They know Islamic terrorists did it. Yet their first impulse was to say that the "airplanes took aim." As if nobody would notice. They had to be publicly shamed into grudgingly admitting even a partial truth about what really happened.
In their defense, they were probably preoccupied with yet another breathless story about Trump drawing on a weather map.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who is offended by the New York Times leaving the word “Muslim” out of a tweet, while yawning at a federal policy to omit actual Muslims from America has a moral vacuum.

Anyone who thinks TakeAimGate is a serious matter, but President Neverwrong’s intimidation of NOAA is just the media obsessing about nothing has a mental sinkhole.

The Times deleted its tweet. Trump directed the federal government to validate his.

Remember when you used to count how many “I”s there were in various Barack Obama speeches, which meant his ego was out of control? Now you have a president whose 9/11 memorial remarks include ridiculous lies about how he personally tried to help at Ground Zero. Your good faith sincerity, it burns. But do keep us updated on the socialist cheeseburger purge.

Eric said...

"federal policy to omit actual Muslims" - fake news.

I can't wait to hear how Sharpiegate is somehow worse than Barack "Look at me!" Obama's plot to use the power of his administration to spy on an opposing party's Presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Trump vs Obama is not a whatabout battle you and your archived comments can win. (Exploding deficit, what's that?)

"federal policy to omit actual Muslims" - fake news.

First off, wrong. Second, you're behind the times. Trump's intended "fake news" applause line got the dreaded 'crickets' response from the GOP Representatives during yesterday's House retreat.

Maybe you should try something more current, like "federal policy to omit actual Muslims... NOT!!!"