Saturday, September 07, 2019

Democrats with bylines

Republicans prepare to pounce.  Twitchy: "Politico’s spin on unhinged, ban-happy 2020 Dems could win ‘gold medal in the mental gymnastics’."


Anonymous said...

Pounce away.

Pew: Young Republicans Are More Liberal on Climate Change (2018)

Financial Times: Young Republicans push party to drop climate change scepticism (2019)

Newsweek: Two-Thirds of Young Republicans Fear for Environment Amid Large Surge of GOP Climate Concern (2019)

NY Times: Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear (2019)

Eric said...

Please continue on with your plans for $5/gallon gas and banning cheeseburgers.

Anonymous said...

Things have gotten so desperate that now Young Republicans will save us!

Anonymous said...

There'll certainly be younger Republicans unexpectedly running for all those newly vacated Texas House seats.

Anonymous said...

Young Republican Texans will save us!

Eric2 said...

Keep putting out those winning ideas, Dems!

Eric3 said...

Ed Morrissey, 2008:
John McCain 273 electoral votes, Obama 262

Ed Morrissey, 2012:
Romney's in the driver's seat (Romney 311, Obama 227)

Ed Morrissey, 2016:
Trump Will Lose This Election, but Guess Who Destroyed the GOP?

Ed Morrissey, January 2018:
Democrats are way too cocky over 2018