Sunday, February 03, 2019

Patriots win!

The New England Patriots are now tied with the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins (6).

The Patriots subreddit is gonna be LIT tonight.



Anonymous said...

Lowest-scoring Super Bowl becomes lowest-rated championship telecast since 2009

You've indicated the upcoming TV ratings for the Oscars apparently won't be about the changing business of broadcast television. They will be a powerful reaction against "wokeness" and #MeToo and social justice.

Shall we also assume that the Super Bowl's ratings drop is due to Brady, Belichick and the Krafts' close association with Donald Trump?

Again, it can't be that broadcast television ratings are down for everything everywhere. That Occam dude is a total liar.

Eric2 said...

Why can't it be Colin Kaepernick's fault?

Anonymous said...

There's a whole caravan of diseased Colin Kaepernicks a-heading this way!