Sunday, February 24, 2019

Believe some survivors

Associated Press: "Virginia’s Fairfax compares himself to lynching victims."
When he finished his five-minute impromptu speech, stunned senators sat in awkward silence.
I'll bet.  One of Fairfax's accusers is speaking to law enforcement.


Robert Fisk said...

The best sentence in the article was about Coonman:

Northam has also resisted widespread calls to resign and instead said he intends to devote his remaining years in office to addressing the state’s deep and lingering racial divisions.

His selfless dedication to leading his wayward state out from the darkness of its own racist tendencies - at perhaps the cost of his own ambition - brings a tear to my eye. What else could more beautifully justify his staying in office? Nay, what could more beautifully lead us to demand that he stay in office?

Robert Fisk said...

Strangely, left unmentioned in the article was the fact that Fairfax is a Democrat. In fact, one sentence seems to imply he is something other than a Democrat:

"House Republicans announced plans Friday to hold a public hearing where Fairfax, Tyson and Watson can testify, a move that Fairfax and some Democrats have panned as a political ploy."

But then, they did note that he committed one of his assaults at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. He didn't have to be a Democrat to be in the area, I guess, but I give them kudos for not simply referring to it as "a convention in Boston in 2004."

Eric said...

I made note that one his accusers was talking to authorities.

This is the step that DOCTOR Christine Blasey Ford never could make even though Maryland indicated they would investigate if an official charge had been filed.