Monday, December 31, 2018

Knock me over with a little feather

Legal Insurrection: "Elizabeth Warren announces she’s running for President" - "If elected, she would be the first person who has committed an ethnic fraud to hold the presidency."

When it was advantageous for Warren to be a Republican, she was a Republican.
When it was advantageous for Warren to be a "minority," she was a minority.
When it was advantageous for Warren to be a Massachusetts liberal, she was a Massachusetts liberal.

Warren 2020: "What principles do you want?  I got 'em."  Bookmark: ElizabethWarrenWiki.


Roger Bournival said...

Just what the national electorate wants - another liberal from Mass. running for President!

I give her chances at 1/1024 or thereabouts.

Eric2 said...

Heh, that's the general joke. I don't think she'll get far: there's not much enthusiasm out there for a hectoring middle-school principal.

Cum here, Watson and Crick said...

It's a shame she won't get the nomination. It'd be fun to see her challenge Trump to a DNA test of Stormy Daniels' bedsheets.

Anonymous said...

Nate Silver:
My basic view on Warren's chances is bearish. For whatever reason (she's seen as old news? the DNA test? sexism/she reminds voters of Hillary?) her polling has been quite poor especially given her high name recognition. Her margins of victory in MA also have also not been great.

BUT you could make a decent "buy low" case on Warren. She probably has a better chance than Sanders of bridging the gap between the left and the party establishment. She's always raised a ton of money. Voters know what she stands for. Women did well in the 2018 primaries.

Not exactly the right analogy, but Warren's path to victory might be something like McCain's in 2008, who was left for dead by pundits at certain early points in the nomination process, but was fundamentally a strong candidate and eventually benefited from a "comeback" narrative.

Robert Fisk said...

It would appear that Nate Silver and the Hall Monitor are set up to be right about Conchita Warren's prospects no matter what happens to her nomination bid.

I'm impressed, and I'm gonna get me a beer.

Paul Sand said...
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