Friday, December 21, 2018

It's come to this

Ace: "Trump Has Succeeded Where George W. Bush Failed: He Has Turned the Anti-War Left Into Passionate Neocon Warhawks and Intervention-Adventurers."  "Even Rachel Maddow is now in favor of a war with no clear endpoint and zero authorization from Congress."


Anonymous said...

It might seem like that to the complicit simpletons. And to those who have nostalgic pangs for the "rooting against America" bullshit of 2002-04.


Holding a favorable view of the FBI:
Republicans, 2010: 71%
Republicans, 2018: 39%

Eric said...

You guys really love your polls.

Eric said...

Gosh, I wonder why Republicans have a dim view of the FBI:

"Former FBI Director James B. Comey testified that he knew little about the Democratic Party-financed dossier on which his agents relied to obtain wiretaps on a Trump campaign volunteer and target other Republicans in an ongoing 28-month investigation.

In House testimony released Saturday, Mr. Comey said he didn’t learn specifically who funded it or whether it was ever corroborated."

Whatevs, man, I can't be investigating all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Disapproval rating”? What’s that?

"Net approval," what's that?

Donald Trump's popularity advantage must be what saved the midterms.

You guys really love your polls.

Remember when you thought Obama's approval rating meant a Mitt Romney victory?