Sunday, December 09, 2018

Hush hush

Andrew McCarthy: "Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan US Attorney."

This is concerning the "campaign finance violation" of perfectly-legal non-disclosure agreements and allegations settled with a fine to the FEC, if you're a Democrat.  But if payouts are now illegal, we can start prosecuting Congressmen who have been paying out victims from the secret slush fund, since this clearly represents an in-kind campaign contribution.

Extra - Journalism, via Instapundit.


Anonymous said...

"On the Mueller situation, we’re very happy with what we are reading."

"I think it’s all turning around very nicely.”

“Totally vindicates the President. Thank you!"

Anonymous said...

Preet Bharara on Twitter:

Inspiring reminder: In America anyone can grow up and become Individual-1

Eric said...

Yup, no collusion. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Keep going down with that ship, Captain.

The Republicans should have written the word "collusion" somewhere in Mueller's authorization mandate. Anyway, aren't you always seeing through words and generalizations that the liberal media uses indiscriminately?

Besides... all together now... collusion is not a crime! So why do you keep mimicking the racketeer idiot by chanting his utterly irrelevant comeback?