Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Lock 'em up!

Daily Caller: "Liberal Writer Questions Whether White Men Should Be Allowed To Vote."

This low-wattage article elides one fact why this scenario would never happen: then white men would be the victims.

Update: Appears to be a hoax.  A damn plausible one, IMO.


Anonymous said...

It's another hoax article. The author's name is an anagram for "I am a Troll."

It's tough to watch this devastating blow to the reputation of the well-respected mainstream media institution Affinity Magazine. Whose teenage editor brags that the mag is "very unique" in that it uses social media even as it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.
And then brags that some of her magazine's articles have "at times" gotten 400 retweets. (I bet Affinity beats their all-time retweet record with this one!)

Eric said...

Oh, man, that one got me.