Monday, August 21, 2017

Big fat phony Joss Whedon

I dislike Joss Whedon who wasted no time after Trump's election crying or throwing a hissy-fit or whatever un-masculine kind of action verb you'd like to use.  At the time he was upset about Betsy DeVos who was "declaring a war on children."  Well, not Joss Whedon's children who are safely cloistered in private school.

Imagine my delight that the super-feminist told his now-ex-wife that, gosh darn it, he loves women so much he just couldn't help but have a bunch of affairs.  Ace: "Shock: Superfeminist Walking Pussyhat Joss Whedon Was Cheating on His Wife With Adoring Female Fans, Ex-Wife Says in Blogpost."

Don't worry folks: at least his private jet runs on the green energy of refined condescension.


Anonymous said...

This is a nonlinear mishmosh of class resentment, ad hominem and general smallness.

You should send it to Trump, so he can use it as his 2020 talking points.

Eric said...

Nope, it's bald hypocrisy. It would be like Al Gore preaching conservation and then using twenty times more energy at his own Inconvenient mansion.

Now if you'll excuse me, John Oliver is going to tell me how to avoid taxes.