Sunday, March 19, 2017

Punish the kids

Politico: "How to fix Obamacare with this one amazing trick - Forcing young, mostly healthy Americans off their parents' coverage could help Republicans make good on their promise to salvage the health care system."

Obamacare re-jiggered the way insurance works by capping the amount older Americans paid for health care by shifting the costs to younger, healthier Americans.  How do you get these kids to buy expensive insurance they probably won't use?  Add the individual mandate.  But, still, they refused to buy.

So, to make Obamacare work, we need to force the kids to buy insurance.  Easy-peasy: throw them off mom and dad's policies!


sdharms said...

How come the word "force" is in there?

Eric2 said...

The idea is that younger, healthier Americans are not contributing to the insurance pool because they're on their parents' policies. Throwing them off would...compel...some of them to buy insurance. Or not.

Maybe "force" is the wrong word.