Thursday, March 16, 2017

I can't believe you watched my ridiculously over-hyped story

Twitchy: "Guess who Rachel Maddow blames for her Trump tax dud."

But the countdown clock was so mesmerizing!


Nielsen Muntz said...

For her loooooonnnng blaaaaahhhh tax return episode, Rachel Maddow got the second-highest viewing audience in the history of MSNBC.

She crushed all the news channels that "scooped" her. She had the #1 cable show of the night (more than Fox News and CNN combined). She even beat the network programming on ABC and Fox.

In a phrase, "career suicide."

And the countdown clock just signed a two-project development deal with Universal Studios.

Eric said...

Big deal: even I watched that train wreck. Who's going to watch and get fooled again?

Allegedly NBC is furious that she held back on this big "scoop" and then faceplanted with that nothingburger.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Nothing builds a sold career in Journalism like having your largest viewing audience ever see you act like a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

For evaluating journalistic buffoonery, Other Anonymous, maybe it'd be best to wait until there's a week when the President doesn't revise his wiretapping lie by unexpectedly blaming England for it because Fox News' TV lawyer and 9/11 truther made it up, forcing Fox to quickly and vigorously repudiate their own senior analyst.

Or maybe you're right, and Rachel Maddow dragging out an accurate story for 18 or 20 minutes instead of her usual 13 or 14 minutes was the news fiasco of our time.

Either way, this up-and-coming beginner's career may be over before it begins. Her Wednesday night ratings already took a massive hit, plunging to where they'd been on Monday.

Eric said...

Career suicide.

Maddow will never live that down. She's a laughingstock.

Anonymous said...

When you let the conclusion drive the premise, it can't be any other way!

That approach will always get you a job on either MSNBC or Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Career suicide update for March 27:

And because that article was linked by the Drudge Report, the comments section features reader comments explaining why "Madcow"s ratings won't last, or are wrong, or don't count. Plus various outbursts about Caitlyn Jenner, parents' basements, fake news, unhinged, Podesta, climate denialism, chem trails, brainwashing, Marxists, snowflakes, and especially, lots of quips about how "that dude's" breath smells from her all-vagina diet.

Anonymous said...

Career suicide update for April 6:

Another Drudge link, another wave of "he's ugly" comments about her. But this is the best anti-Maddow post from a Drudge fan:
Are we supposed to be impressed because she graduated from some propaganda mill masquerading as a university? Sorry, we know how little today's graduates actually learn from the schools they attend. We're not impressed by any of them...

Maddow attended Stanford, then Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Updated update for the career suicide update:

Only two news shows landed on cable television's top ten ratings list last week: Bill O'Reilly and Rachel Maddow. Except Maddow's show still has full sponsorship, and she isn't gonna get suspended (or worse).