Sunday, January 08, 2017

So the Golden Globes are on tonight

Hot Air: "On the “absurd” notion of a Hollywood liberal agenda."  Jimmy Fallon started out with four Donald Trump jokes tonight (he's just like Joffrey from GOT) but, so far, the actors have been more restrained during acceptance speeches.

Update - Hugh Laurie, who played a psychopathic billionaire in "The Night Manager," accepted his award on the behalf of psychopathic billionaires.  That was kinda funny.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of funny to see conservatives saying that coastal Hollywood elites are revolting to real Americans in the heartland, and that liberal celebrities are "the reason Trump won"... while simultaneously moaning about the weak, starless lineup for Trump's inauguration gala.

Meryl Streep is today's target of the day, for her pontificating and politicizing. But four years ago, the GOP wet themselves giddy about giving the prime TV slot to Clint Eastwood's experimental chair improv.