Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Prediction: Obama will pardon Ethel Rosenberg

You heard it here first.

In case you missed it, Obama commuted much of Bradley Manning's sentence yesterday, a move opposed by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, because...why not?  As Sean Davis noted: "Giving classified info to Wikileaks is good as long as it only endangers national security and not Democrat careers."

Why did Obama give comfort this traitor, particularly during this time when the Democrats are whining about the Russians "stealing" the election?  Maybe we'll find out in today's press conference in one of his filibuster-lengthed responses.  But I have a theory: Obama is addicted to the "history" thing.  He wants everything to be "historical" from kneecapping health care to giving Iran the bomb.  What was the rationale for reversing long-standing policy and opening up to Cuba?  History, baby, history.

So I think you'll see him make a last-minute splash and pardon Ethel Rosenberg despite all the evidence that she indeed spied for the Soviets.  All that stuff is so fifty years ago.

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