Monday, January 16, 2017

Media re-discovers purpose

Daily Caller: "Liberal Journalists Rediscover Mission As Obama Leaves Office."  It's almost like they've been in a daze for eight years but now the real accountability starts!

Extra - From Instapundit.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Just imagine an alternate reality where the partisan liberal media talked about Hillary Clinton's email server, even once.

It ain't Obama's fault that he had fewer scandals and eruptions in eight years than his swamp-draining successor's created in negative two months.

His dreaded legacy is sitting pretty, inside a Bush-Trump sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Just for openers, if Obama had been a Republican, it is likely that Lois Lerner would be in prison now, rather than living comfortably on a full government pension. The farcical claim the the Obama Administration was without scandal seems ubiquitous right now in the liberal press, but the lack of substantive investigations into the, yes, scandalous behavior of the IRS, NLRB, BATF, Secret Service, DOJ, VA and others, along with payments made to Iran, weapons sales to Mexican drug dealers, hundreds of millions wasted while handed to Obama political cronies such as Solyndra, and so on, make a mockery of ludicrous claims of a 'scandal-free' tenure. These people sicced the government on their political opponents in reprehensible ways. Go sell the 'scandal free' horseshit somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, that list of acronyms is self-evidently scandalous. The "yes" really brings it home.

You are confusing tireless seek-and-destroy GOP whining for evidence of genuine misdeeds. Lois Lerner, Iran payments, Solyndra... each of these complaints has badly fizzled. The fact that you don't like President Obama does not elevate these things to scandal, no matter how hard you try. And brother, you guys tried and tried.

However, Food Nazi Michelle Obama is finally leaving town tomorrow. So it'll be okay if you want to eat a yummy hertz donut. said...

The farcical claim the the Obama Administration was without scandal seems ubiquitous right now in the liberal press

Exactly the opposite, Spinderella. Waves and waves of GOP essays being tossed into the wishing well, about how Obama's legacy is going to be undone with a pen stroke by the afternoon of January 20. Also, the legacy sucked anyway because it was eight years of corruption and incompetence and ego.

That "failed, scandal-plagued Obama" storyline is really resonating outside the conservative drum circle: