Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Since it's an election year, it's time to scare Grandma.  Bloomberg: "Obama urges Social Security increase in preview of campaign role."
Obama has no specific proposal in mind for a benefits increase, said a White House official who asked for anonymity. Obama didn’t say in his speech how much he wants to raise benefit levels or offer a timetable.
In other words, it's just an election-year ploy to appeal to the Bernie Sanders wing and pander to the seniors.  Social Security is going broke but the secret is to spend more.

It must be so depressing to be a Social Security Trustee.  Every year, you warn Washington that the Trust Funds are going to run dry and every year it's turned into another political football with no solution in sight.

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If if if if if if if if if if if... said...

Clearly, Obama doesn't care that by calling for increased SS payments, he is hastening the day when SS payments get cut by law because of insufficient incoming payroll tax revenues.

If that eventuality was something he cared about, he would obviously be calling for changes in the plan that would prevent that disaster, before calling for an increase in monthly SS checks to retirees. Or am I wrong about that?

And why should he care? He gets political advantage out of his harmful proposal, and will be long out of office before the disaster hits. At that time, there will be a new lineup of people he can blame for it, people who "didn't take the necessary measures and make the hard choices."