Monday, November 16, 2015

Our CinC talks about the contained JV team

I've been trying to lay off the regular screeds against our semi-retired President, the Blamer-in-Chief, King Putt.  But his press conference addressing the rise of ISIS and the attacks in France were beyond the pale.  Red State: "How Disastrous Was Obama’s Press Conference In Antalya, Turkey?"
The truth is evident. Barack Obama is a tiny, timorous man who is intellectually unable to comprehend the challenge facing the United States and Europe from ISIS and even if he could recognize the challenge he is morally incapable responding.
Whenever Obama faces a media horde that doesn't kiss his ass, he falls back on a series of dilatory and discursive tropes.  Step one: every question deserves a rambling, shifting, professorial filibuster that never really gets around to an answer.  There's a reason why the press asked the same question about underestimating ISIS.  Because the most arrogant and thin-skinned President cannot admit a mistake, well, there's no way to explain away how less than a day after Obama said ISIS was "contained" they could launch the deadliest attack in Paris since World War II.  Oh and our current strategy is totally working and we're going to stick to it (shut up, Dianne).

Second, loves to play this little grade-school taunt of "what's your plan, smart guy?"  He only does this to open up the logical fallacy of "appeal to authority" - that authority being himself.  By asking for an alternate plan to the current one (that's failing), Obama wants to assert his position and paint himself as the only person who has "all the facts."

Third, Obama characterized the latest symbol of the failed fight against ISIS in a bloodless manner - it was a "setback" you know - but when he talks about the Republicans who are criticizing his feckless approach to the terror fight, then the sincere outrage really emerges.

Fourth: the straw men, always the straw men.  The fight against ISIS will "take time" because - golly - everybody wants them defeated, like, tomorrow.  This great strategy will work because ISIS is on "the wrong side of history."  Rinse and repeat.

This train wreck of a press conference shows what happens when Obama steps outside of his Valerie Jarrett-inflated bubble and face up to the consequences of "leading from behind."  He doesn't like and neither do we.

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