Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The results from the focus group are in

Federalist: "Hillary Clinton: I Totally Oppose That Trade Agreement I Negotiated In 2012 - Despite referring to it as the "gold standard" for trade agreements in 2012, Hillary Clinton says she now opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP."

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Trade partnerships, like mental faculties, have expiration dates said...

Not only did Rodham Clinton support the TPP until her outpatient help decided it would be more politically advantageous for her to oppose it, she also, of her own volition (to whatever extent that faculty still exists in her addled mind), claimed that her role in the negotiation of this historic partnership merited being placed on her "list" of "accomplishments".

Well, obviously, that item will have to be removed from the "list", because it's now been announced to be a failure rather than an "accomplishment". So, that leaves us with - what, exactly - on her "list of accomplishments"?