Saturday, October 24, 2015

Nobody beats the Wiz!

Tonight I stopped by at the Best Buy in the Hadley Mall - it's going out of business.  (Possibly due to Best Buy's underhanded practices.)  I guess it's just this store and not the entire chain, but it occurred to me that every electronic store I've dealt with in my life has eventually gone bankrupt.  There was:

Crazy Eddie
The Wiz  ("I'm the Wiz, nobody beats me!")
Circuit City
Best Buy (maybe)
Radio Shack (kinda)

It can't just be the Amazon effect since many of these stores were around well before Amazon.  The Wiz, I remember, had a pretty robust mail-order business.  There has to be some reason why these businesses shine bright then flame out.  Well, with the exception of Crazy Eddie, which was destroyed from within by fraud.  And INSANITY!

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