Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Politics makes strange bedfellows

I got a chuckle about how talking heads across the political spectrum were rolling their eyes at Hillary's false charge of sexism against Bernie:

National Review Corner: "2016 Officially Begins: Hillary Clinton Calls Critic Sexist."
Hot Air: "Morning Joe hosts (repeatedly) agree: Hillary’s claims of Bernie’s sexism are “pathetic”."

And then there's the left-leaning Cannonfire who laments how the screw of identity politics has turned:
Remember when anyone who called Obama a progressive poseur was considered an unhooded Klansman?
Remember when I was called a "racist" every minute of every hour of every day for weeks simply because I pointed out that Obama had lied about his opposition to NAFTA?
Remember when I was considered kin to George Wallace simply because I dared to mention the easily-proved fact that Obama did not denounce the Iraq invasion during his 2004 convention speech (or at any other time during his senate campaign)?
Yes, you were a racist then but now everyone's a sexist for opposing Grandma.  Who is a woman.


Roger Bournival said...

I'm pretty sure the country would be better off it this race didn't boil down to 'Vote for me - I don't have a penis!'

Anonymous said...

That's true about Jeb Bush, but he'd never say it.